FIELD CONTROL THERAPY (FCT) IS A BRANCH OF HOMEOPATHY, a very sophisticated type of homotoxicology. It has been developed in late 1990s by Dr. Yurkovsky.
The homeopathy that Hahnemann developed and practiced is called Classical Homeopathy. FCT is Causative Homeopathy where most remedies used are sarcodes (made from organ tissues) or nosodes (made from toxins, actual or secreted by the body).
When Hahnemann was practicing homeopathy, the world did not know so many chemicals and toxins. Since WWII there were about 2 million foreign substances introduced into our lives. Our immune system that was working in a relatively clean environment for the past 120,000 years is now overwhelmed by toxic substances like heavy metals (mercury, lead, antimony etc), pesticides, conventional medicines, GMO, colors, preservatives, hormones and antibiotics in food, home cleaning chemicals and chemicals in our personal hygiene and cosmetics products.
FCT helps the body to get back into balance by removing those foreign substances, by supporting organs in a safe, gentle and effective way. In some cases after FCT sessions, classical homeopathic remedies start working even better than before. FCT sessions can bring a great improvement of a condition, and then a classical homeopathic constitutional remedy is given to strengthen the body to be more resistant to any type of stress or illness.

Vera is a certified FCT practitioner.

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