Homeopathy for Travel

Holidays are the time for travel, either to see friends and family or just enjoy warm weather on the beach. Pack lightly but don’t forget your favorite homeopathic remedies. Homeopathic remedies will provide natural, safe and effective relief for many situations you might encounter on your trip.travel

Do planes make you nervous? Take Aconitum napellus for a fear of flying.

Did you eat something at the airport that didn’t agree with you? Take Arsenicum album for food poisoning.

Was the food on the plane or at the family dinner so good you could not stop eating and drinking? Take Nux vomica to help with indigestion.

Are you feeling a bit under the weather from not so fresh air on the plane? Take Oscillococcinum for the first sign of flu-like symptoms.

Take Kali muriaticum to provide relief from ear discomfort when the pressure in the cabin changes.

Bring Calendula cream for a possible sunburn and Arnica gel for sore muscles from carrying luggage.

Not sure what remedies to take with you? Discuss with your homeopath what remedies you mostly likely will need on your specific trip.

Safe Travels!