“We have worked with Vera to address my daughter’s  eczema skin condition and pre-asthmatic symptoms due to her allergies. With Vera’s help and support,  by slightly adjusting the diet, with the help of the remedies , my daughter’s state improved dramatically over a short period of time. She stopped scratching, her skin cleared completely and she doesn’t have sudden coughs any more. We will be happy to work with Vera further to address my other kids’ issues. Highly recommend Vera as a  trusted professional in her field, as well as a true caring person.” NM,  MA

“Vera is a lifesaver! I called to understand more about how homeopathy could help with an acute back pain. The treatment was so simple and my improvement was so fast! My previous back issue lasted for more than 5 days and this time because of working with Vera I saw improvement Day 1! Thank you so much Vera!” LS, MA

“In October I underwent routine cataract surgery on my left eye.  Six months later, after still not being able to see properly out of my left eye and after numerous eye specialist appointments; en-during bright lights, a flood of eye drops, and dye inject into my blood stream, (all to no avail) . . . . . I found Vera Volfson.

Shortly thereafter she recommended a particular remedy for my left eye.  Within 24 hours my left eye began to water-up and the liquid poured from the eye causing me much concern but extreme relief. That remedy cleansed the eye, cleansed it from all the dyes and chemicals and all of the physical and emotional trauma – To this day my eyesight is clear and crisp in the left eye.  All gone, just like that!!

It is sad that so many seniors are totally dependent on western medicine whereas, I am no longer wholly dependent it.  I have continued my visits and protocols with Vera on a regular basis. My physical well being has improved a thousand fold and my emotional self is calm, yet I am energized.  Homeopathy (Vera) has empowered me in so many ways.  I am indeed grateful to have found Vera. ” ES, MA

“Vera is extremely knowledgeable. She takes time to understand your medical history and makes recommendations to help with many health issues.” JD, MA

“I have been having an issue with my Thyroid and wanted to find a natural way to improve my thyroid numbers. I have been seeing Vera for about 3 months and she has tremendously improved my numbers using natural remedies. I am so grateful and recommend her highly!” DD, MA

“Vera is a true professional in every sense of the word. She really cares about her patients and makes every effort to improve their health in a very safe manner. She is very caring and trustworthy. I strongly recommend using her services.” JS, MA

“Vera is wonderful. Rarely do you find a more passionate person in the field of homeopathy. Her knowledge of the various remedies available for a host of ailments is absolutely amazing. Highly recommend.” JB, MA

“I have been working with Vera to address a few health concerns. I love that she has a unique approach, is very knowledgeable and truly cares about the work we are doing. If you are looking for a healthier way to take care of yourself, Vera is the perfect partner.”     NC, MA

“I’ll be the first to admit that sometimes it’s easier to reach for that “magic pill” to cure an acute aliment that we all experience at some point in our lives. But what is even better…is knowing, having, and using the experience of someone like Vera Volfson to give me the option of a healthier and in many cases, superior treatment to my discomfort that gets to the root of the problem, not just the proverbial ban-aid to cover up the problem. Vera has helped me in such an instance and I am thankful for the incredible knowledge she has, the ability to understand what my issues are and then help me with a treatment. If you are someone considering an alternative to the westernized version of a quick fix by a pill and want instead a safer choice…..then I highly recommend you meet with Vera.” ND, MA

“Homeopathy is an extremely effective natural healing modality, and it take great skill and expertise to practice it effectively. Vera Volfson has that skill and expertise, and she an amazing practitioner. You can’t go wrong with her if you are looking for natural health and wellness!” DM, MA

“Vera is a caring and educated homeopathy provider. Homeopathy is a field where trust is important and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Vera to anyone. ” MH, MA

“Vera is an excellent homeopath. She is very thorough and does everything she can to understand your condition and to prescribe the appropriate remedies. She is extremely knowledgeable and stays up to date on the current health trends. My wife’s sleep has improved after her visits with Vera” HA, MA

“Vera is excellent in what she does. I recommend her highly. Vera is extremely thorough and tries to find solutions to the issues discussed without frequent visits” SL, MA

Vera is a very talented homeopath. She has studied extensively and has a passion for helping people feel better using safe and beneficial remediesSK, MA

“Vera helped me with my stomach ache and colds. I have also attended several of her presentations and have to say that they were very informative, well delivered and helpful with understanding homeopathy as a form of natural medicine. I can say for sure that if I need a homeopath, I will never trust anybody more than Vera.”  EZ, MA

“I would like to recommend Vera’s service for someone who wants to try to go with alternative medicine. Vera is caring, professional and knowledgeable. I highly recommend her to anyone who wants to improve their life.”  MP, MA

“Vera Volfson displays great care and interest in her clients. I was impressed with the amount of time and undivided attention she gave to us. Vera went the extra mile to help in several instances. We have been extremely happy working with her and have witnessed marked changes and improvements in our children as a result of the homeopathic remedies recommended by Vera.”  NK, NY

“I worked with Vera Volfson for almost a year. She helped with many issues I had. The best help was when I had to have surgery after a firefighting accident, where I was told I would be out of work for a minimum if 6 months to a year, Vera said she would have me back to work in 4.  With Vera’s help, I didn’t have to take narcotics to deal with the pain, and as promised Vera had me back to work in four months. ” AL, NY

“Vera has been extremely helpful in treating my kids on several occasions. Once, it was winter flu that my son had very hard  time recovering from. Vera would check up on him every day and adjusted his remedies as necessary. It was a long tough week but he(we!)  got through it. Another more recent case was with my daughter when after going to doctor’s and trying different over the counter medications for couple of weeks, the ONLY thing that helped was talking to Vera. After adjusting her diet and adding remedies, we saw improvement within 2 days! I would highly recommend Vera as your first resource.” OV, MA

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