What is Homeoprophylaxis?

“Homeoprophylaxis (HP) is the use of potentized substances in a systematic manner to prevent the development of the characteristic symptoms of disease.”- Dr. Golden

Homeoprophylaxis (HP) is a safe way to “educate” the immune system against infectious and contagious diseases, and it has been successfully used for more than 200 years. HP is based on homeopathic approach and addresses the whole person to promote health and prevent diseases.

Homeopathic remedies used in HP are ultra-high dilutions, they do not contain molecules of the original substances, and are non-toxic. HP remedies are made from plant, mineral or animal sources or disease products, and are given before encountering a disease to “educate” the immune system. HP remedy works on energetic level of the body and serves as an information message to the immune system.

Law of Similars is used in homeopathy to choose correct remedies, and is also applied for prevention. A remedy that produces symptoms similar to those of the disease will cure an individual that has that disease.  The same remedy that will cure an infectious disease will prevent or reduce the severity of that infection if the remedy is given before exposure to the disease.

Regular vaccines contain small amounts of infectious organisms or disease products. In addition to the disease causing microbes, conventional vaccines contain multiple adjuvants and preservatives and can cause serious side effects.  Conventional vaccines are injected directly into the blood stream bypassing the body’s natural early defense mechanisms. The goal of conventional vaccines is to produce antibodies. The expectation is that the person who is given a vaccine for a specific disease will develop antibodies to that disease and thus be protected. Dr. Merrill W. Chase made a discovery in 1940s (1) that antibodies or humoral immunity alone do not provide immunity, non-specific, cell medicated immunity that involves action of different types of T-cells is important as well to protect the body from infections.

In contrast with conventional vaccines, HP remedies have no dangerous additives, preservatives, toxins, antibiotics, and no molecules of the infecting virus remain. HP remedies contain only the information frequency of the disease. This frequency is delivered on tiny sugar pellets, by mouth, one disease at a time. HP remedy “educates” the immune system about a specific virus. HP does not rely on antibody production, but on changing the susceptibility of the person to the disease. Microbes are not seen as the main cause of diseases, rather terrain, or individual’s predisposition to a disease is important – absence of the predisposition to a specific disease makes the person immune to it. Homeopathic remedies are able to remove these predispositions.

Homeopathy has a 200 years history of high success rate in healing and providing protection in epidemic diseases. Dr. Hahnemann, the founder of homeopathy, used homeopathic remedy Belladonna to treat patients with scarlet fever. He noticed that those who took the same remedy Belladonna before developing the symptoms of scarlet fever, remained healthy even when coming into contact with the disease. (2) Homeoprophylaxis has been used by many well known homeopathic practitioners like Hering, Boenninghausen, Kent, Allen and Boger, and many other homeopathic practitioners since then.

In recent years large-scale observational studies for homeoprophylactic intervention have been conducted in Cuba for Leptospirosis in 2.3 million persons (3), in Brazil for meningitis in 85,000 people (5),  in India for Japanese encephalitis in more than 20 million people (6).

Dr. Isaac Golden from Australia is the world authority on homeoprophylaxis. In 2004 he completed a research on homeoprophylaxis at the Swinburne University, Melbourne. It was a 20 years Homeoprophylactic Program for disease prevention from 1985 to 2004 where 2,342 responses were collected.  According to the research, the effectiveness of homeoprophylaxis  is 90.4% (95% confidence limits 87.6% – 93.2%). Using national attack rates as a control, HP efficacy for three diseases was:  whooping cough – 86.2%; measles – 90.0%; mumps – 91.6%. (7)

No method of disease prevention can guarantee 100% protection from any infectious disease. When you are considering any aspect of your health and health of your children, it is important to research and review all factors and information. Conventional vaccines do have risks, and can be contraindicated to people with severe illness, suppressed immune system, or history of previous vaccine reactions. Some people have religious or philosophical objections to conventional vaccines. Homeoprophylaxis offers a safe alternative for those groups of people.

Vaccinations are a personal choice and require thoughtful considerations. I do not recommend or discourage regular vaccinations. I recommend clients to do as much research as possible to make sure they feel satisfied with the choice they make. Clients make decisions on their own, and some chose conventional vaccines, and others do not. I respect everyone’s decision. If conventional vaccines are being used, specific homeopathic remedies might be suggested to mitigate negative side effects of traditional vaccinations.

HP remedies are suitable for infants, children and adults. HP remedies can be used for people who travel to countries where they may be exposed to infectious diseases not present in their home country. HP is based on sound homeopathic principals, is safe and effective, and has been used successfully by many people around the world.

If you are considering homeoprophylaxis for yourself or your children, please contact Vera.


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